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At prime., we believe that great work always work. We don’t burden our clients with the costs of lavish offices or extravagant business trips. Instead, we prioritise investing in our team’s expertise. We believe that our clients should only pay for the quality of the services they receive. We’ve eradicated the culture of aimless meetings, eliminated unnecessary bureaucracy, and shifted our focus to delivering outstanding results to our clients swiftly and efficiently.

We are a fusion of strategic and creative minds, flexible and easy-going communication experts. We all march the same objective: to produce work that drives growth, influences profits, and strengthens your brand for the long run. One of our primary differentiators is our strong sense of teamwork and dedication, which enables us to constantly provide our clients with excellent results.


About us - Borislav


Managing Partner

Borislav is the driving force behind prime. His background in finance from Bocconi University enables him to guide prime. and its clients to success by using a strategic and analytical approach. Borislav founded prime. because he observed that in a market saturated with agencies making grand claims of delivering outstanding results and incredible ROI, there was a noticeable scarcity of agencies that genuinely endeavored to comprehend the inner workings of their clients’ businesses, their present circumstances, their future aspirations, and how to effectively guide them towards achieving those objectives.

About us - Geny


Client Service Director

Geny is an expert in marketing, branding, digital strategy, advertising and business development with over 15 years of exceptional managerial experience. Her background includes successful engagements with a wide range of clients across diverse industries, including financial, betting, petrol, IT, pharmaceutical and FMCG sectors.


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